Tuesday, June 22, 2010

16. Pidgey

This is the part of the Pokédex where I get to trade in my junior entomologist badge for a birdwatching handbook, ‘cause we’re dealing with the Normal/Flying types! Every set of Pokémon games introduces a new family of these things, and by “introduce” I mean “profusely throw in your face early on to emphasise how generic they are.” But really, it’s cool with me if Pidgey gets rehashed with every generation, because it’s not like there’s a shortage of birds out there on which to base pokemon. Observe:

Starly from gen. 4 is based on Sturnus cineraceus, the White-cheeked Starling or Grey Starling of Asia.

Taillow is the spitting image of an unladen European Swallow, Hirundo rustica.

And Hoothoot from Gold and Silver bears a striking resemblance to the Eurasian Eagle-owl, Bubo bubo (I am not making these names up), right down to the eyes and pointy eyebrow/ear tufts.

Which brings us to Pidgey. After careful study of its plumage, dorsal and tertiary feathers, posture, and position of the synsacrum, I’ve come to the conclusion Pidgeys most closely resemble: chickens.

So much so, that if we assume pokemon are used to provide food in the Pokémon universe, Pidgeys would be ideal for raising as livestock. They’re plump, docile, and barely capable of flight (and overfeeding would take care of the rest). But that’s a scary, spiraling interpretation… would we then assume young trainers fuel their adventuring with a nice plate of scrambled Exeggcute and Spoink bacon each morning? Washed down with Miltank milk? Or an Oddish stirfry, for vegetarians?

Would that even be vegetarian?

And if you’re thinking, “Well, isn’t Pidgey basically a pigeon,” take a gander at upcoming Generation 5’s entry to the generic Normal/Flying type parade:

Why, it’s Mamepato, the… just, an… actual pigeon pokemon.

So Pidgey gets outpigeoned by a pokemon with a better claim to its name. That’s rough.

The Winner:

Gotta give credit to the DS sprites for tweaking Pidgey’s design to look a bit more like an actual bird you would find in, y’know, the wild, as opposed to behind a barn somewhere; they’ve got a slightly more angular, less balled up look. Silver’s has a nice sleek design as well, but Gold’s actually manages to make Pidgey look active. Wings spread wide, it may not be primed to rain fatal blows on anything, but it at least look ready to ruffle your shit up a bit. Reminds me of a Zelda chicken.


  1. R/B Pidgey's eyes are really quite scary.

  2. R/S is the best one. It actually looks almost as menacing as a Spearow, which always manages to make Pidgey sprites look like plush toys.

  3. http://plamkamazurka.blox.pl/resource/Wrobel_wikipedia.jpg

  4. pigeon evolving into a pheasant. Hm.........

  5. Pidgey actually seems to be based more strongly on the Cedar Waxwing. Look it up, the resemblance is uncanny.

  6. Surely Pidgey is based on the House Sparrow.

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